04 April 2009

Feeding the obsession

Having hinted at my wonk tendencies with the birth of my blog already you might wonder what else lies ahead for the poor person who takes a wrong turn and ends up in my cyber-psyche.

When bouncing around looking at other people's blogs I noticed the majority of them were 'specialist' - that is to say they focus on one topic. Be it celebrity gossip, to money making to Gardening with Turtles (don't worry, no turtles were injured in the making of this blog, they are merely innocent residents and not actually used as garden tools), each blog had a clear cut topic they wanted to talk about.

Nyeah, that's not really me though. For a start, I have more than one obsession - how could I possibly only write about one and not another? It's like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. I could always start a separate blog for each pet subject but....why? That just seems like extra work to me (and I'm a slacker remember) besides, this is my corner of the internet so I can play in it how I like!

So it's my intention for Land of Wonk to be largely an unfettered 'General Interest' blog where I am free to talk about whatever I fancy, however it goes without saying that my fondest obsessions will be a major recurring theme. If you're interested in The World of Warcraft aka WoW, Walt Disney World in Florida or Disney in general, London & Great Britain or yummy food (particularly baking) then you should find something here at some point that will be of interest to you. If not then I still plan to intersperse other things to talk about too - after all it's really not every day you can find an excuse to talk about Gardening with Turtles is it?


  1. Ha ha ha. How come you're making fun of my turtle blog?

    To tell you the truth, when I started my blog, I didn't know WHAT I was going to write about. People are always intrigued with stories about my two tortoises so I just went with that. But I don't write about them all the time, even a lot. The blog name does get your attention though, which is the point...which is why I tracked you down Miss Wonk. Can't overlook a name like that. Ha ha ha.

    I've been blogging for.......9 months now and the blog has developed into something exactly how you describe you want yours to be. Anything on my mind, that's what I get to write about. I decided early on not to write about anything unless it was upbeat or happy, real life has enough crap in it already and I didn't want to spend my free time reviewing all of that and keeping memories of it in cyberspace.

    Anyway, blog freely on anything you want. It will all organize itself as you're writing it. Not knowing where you're going with it is what is so much fun, and the people you meet. Honestly, I would never have known there were so many middle-aged women out there who liked to photograph insects and enjoy a glass of wine. Maybe a parrot in the backgroun too.

    Have fun! I'm looking forward to reading your future blog entries. :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for the visit!

    Aww, I hope you don't really think I was making fun of you though, just some gentle teasin' - it really is a cool name afterall and I was admiring your ladybird post (though think you call them ladybugs in the States) yesterday, you have a great eye for macro photography you know!

    Anyhow, thanks for the kind words of encouragement, means a lot to me :)

  3. I like general interest blogs and you have the makings of a nice one. There aren't so many general interest blogs out there, or maybe there are, but like you I see more specialized blogs. As you say, a lot of bloggers have multiple sites for each speciality, and I too would find that tedious and time consuming to manage. I have a general interest blog for posting what I feel like posting whenever. Might be on birds, mowing the lawn, my cat, politics, wine, whatever. I'm interested in everything. One blog fits all. The only drawback is that for indexing purposes on the alphainventions the only category that fits our blogs is other, and who wants to read an other blog - so I usually just index it as opinion.

  4. Hi Ribbie, thanks for stopping by!

    I really am a big fan of the one blog fits all ideal. Not that there's anything wrong with the specialist blogs, I just find the personal ones more interesting and inclined to think about something that I wouldn't have otherwise done if I'd found them via a specific category search.

    It's like buying a magazine in real life - if I'm looking for a new computer then I'll go and grab me a PC magazine. But when I just want something to read I'm going to look for something that'll offer me more variety of topics.

    Unfortunately as you say, general and/or personal blogs are difficult to index for that very reason making it both harder for people to find you initially, and quite possibly trickier for you to gain a regular readership once they have.

    I think that's one of the reasons I'm finding that I like alphainventions. Not because it's putting my own blog out there (which is obviously great and my initial reason for joining) but because I've actually found myself popping over there once in a while to see if something will catch my own eye to read.