27 July 2009

Nutella, Kinder Bueno & white chocolate cupcakes

What do you do when you are given a ton of free chocolate at work that's literally about to hit it Best Before date? That's the dilemma I faced last week when my office received in the region of 60+ LARGE boxes of Kinder Bueno's from a left over promotion we had run previously. I know, I know, I can almost hear you crying "Oh no, poor poor Wonk!".

Now, we're a fairly big company but even for us that was no small challenge, especially when half of them are women on diets (Ha! Their loss is my hips gain). Fortunately I have no such burden and as a responsible adult I knew the seriousness of the situation - I mean, my god, we were faced with actually having to toss some of them away *panicks* - and so I bravely stepped forward and scooped up a whole bunch of the little buggers.

However, now that I had them, what was I to do with them all? Enter stage left - our old friend Mr Cupcake.

I used a basic sponge cake recipe for these, in fact, almost identical to the one I used for the Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake. I then added the chopped up Bueno's and divided the mix in two before adding melted white chocolate to one half, and melted Nutella to the other portion.

While the name of the cupcakes might sound like a total choc-fest, the quantities of chocolate I used were fairly low as I don't really (very often at least) go for mass chocolate overload so if you want a more in your face chocolate experience you'll need to up the quantities because these babies are a more subtle prize.

I also didn't know how much of an effect the Bueno's would have on the mix. I have to be brutally honest here, if I hadn't seen them go in I'd have no idea they were present taste-wise - the hazelnut flavour just didn't survive the baking. I've left the recipe below exactly how I made it but it's either choc chips next time or maybe try 3 packets of Bueno's. They did add a nice speckle to the mix at least, haha!

Talking of which I am exceptionally chuffed with the effect these produce. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I'm a total sucker for novelty stuff and so this 2 tone effect pushes all my buttons. I just can't help but look at these and keep thinking about how cute they are.

What do you mean, a cupcake can't be cute? I beg to differ my friends, I beg to differ.

Nutella, Kinder Bueno & white chocolate cupcakes

175g caster sugar
175g butter or margarine
175g Self Raising Flour, sifted
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
3 eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons of milk
1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract
2xpack (86g) Kinder Bueno's, chopped
75g white chocolate, melted
75g Nutella, slightly warmed

1 Cream butter & sugar together till pale and fluffy

2 Mix in the egg, milk and Vanilla

3 Add chopped Bueno's and stir well

4 Gently fold in the flour and baking powder

5 Split the mix in half and stir in the melted white chocolate into one, the warm Nutella into the other.

6 Using different spoons to keep the colours from mixing, pop small amounts of both mixes into the bottom of each side of your cupcake papers. The batter moves across the cases fairly quickly so I alternated loading each one up with small amounts rather than just 2 big single dollops of mix. ie. small spoon of dark, then white beside, then added more dark, then more white.

7 Place in a pre-heated oven on Gas mark 4/350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes until they spring back to the touch.


  1. YUMM....MMMY... WOW! I could not resist and here I am. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What's not to love?
    Incidentally, this office of yours where you get so much free chocolate you can't eat it all....where did you say it was?

  3. Haha, yes, was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled in to one when that free chocolate came my way ;)

    I really loved these cakes though, both taste and looks - will make again for sure.

  4. Oh my goodness 'free chocolate'? Let me get my coat on and rush over to you to relieve you of a few bars ...... ;0D

    Muffins look amazing Wonk :0p

  5. Oh. my. goodness. a) you get free chocolate b) AMAZING cupcakes.

  6. Inspired! Loads of good stuff went into these, they must be amazing :)

  7. This looks amazing. I can't wait to try this recipe, but why is there a botle of vodka in the picture?

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